After years of screaming Free World Boss, it looks like Vybz Kartel is facing his last shot at overturning his conviction The dancehall superstar and his co-accused were granted a conditional leave to face the Privy Council in the UK in their attempt to appeal their conviction. The announcement was made on Tuesday, declaring Vybz, Shawn ‘Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones, have 90 days to file documents in their case to the UK Privy Council.

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

Court of Appeal Justice Nicole Simmonds made the announcement this week, revealing that she'll be granting them conditional leave to actually go to the UK to make their case in front of the Council. Justice Simmonds also ruled in favor of Kartel and the co-accused's motion to leave the count's handling of fresh evidence.

"The applicants are granted conditional leave to appeal to her majesty in council the decision of the Court of Appeal delivered on 3rd and 17th of April 2020, pursuant to section 110 subsection 2B of the Jamaica constitution for consideration of the question below subparagraph 8. ‘Does the charter of fundamental right and freedom affects the court’s authority to admit into evidence material acquired secured or polluted in breach of the rights and freedoms that the charter guaranteed and if so in what way.'”

This is a major step forward for Kartel and his co-accused since the explosive controversy surrounding one of the members of the jury being corrupt. Despite evidence that at least one of the jurors had tried to bribe other members of the jury, the trial decision refused to dismiss the panel.

"The trial judge’s management of the issue of jury impropriety that occurred during the course of the trial, in particular, a procedure that was adopted and the extent of the inquiry that was conducted,” Justice Simmonds said. “Two, the trial judge’s refusal discharge a jury or any juror following his inquiry into the issue of jury impropriety."

Earlier this year, the dancehall legend told Billboard Magazine that he's confident he'll overturn his conviction. 

"I would like to say re the Privy Council that I am going to be out soon," he said in response to the rumors of his final plan to appeal. "Law and statute are what the council deals in, not corruption. The appeal hearing in Jamaica, just like the trial, was a joke, a kangaroo court, a circus."

We'll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding Vybz Kartel's case.