These days, if a debt is owed, the whole world is going to know it. Perhaps 50 Cent is to blame. Either way, Wack 100 had no problems airing his grievances on Instagram, putting Roc Nation on blast over allegedly shady business practices. Though the original post has since been deleted, Hip-Hop Lately managed to catch a screenshot of Wack's comment, which found him imploring Jay-Z to intervene and make things right. 

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

"Don’t do NO up front business with @rocnation without getting a deposit," he writes When WE do this shit we are Gangstas , Bullies and Thugs. When They do it it’s a Mistake !! #JayZ tell your team to send me my money. I’ve been told 3 different dates since the service was rendered ..... THE CONTRACT KEEPS EVERYBODY HONEST... #CROOKSWITHASMILE @rocnation."

It's unclear what prompted Wack to sound off in the first place, but he's never been one to shy away from potential controversy. At this point, Roc Nation has yet to publically respond, though the fact that Wack deleted the post seems to imply movement behind-the-scenes. Luckily, it would appear that Roc Nation has indeed seen the light and moved to rectify the situation accordingly.

Taking to Instagram, Wack 100 thanked Roc Nation for issuing the payment, imploring those wronged parties out there to speak their respective pieces. Good thing, too. A harmonious relationship between Roc Nation and Cash Money West only serves to benefit the fans.