Wack 100 appeared to call out Meek Mill on Instagram, Sunday, for not fighting 6ix9ine when the two ran into each other early Sunday morning. Mill wrote on Twitter that 6ix9ine was waiting for him outside of a club, but the two avoided a direct confrontation.

Wack was irritated by the news, writing "Rats up one," on Instagram:

“@safaree was chased down right #SelectivePoliticing -I keep it real,” he wrote in the caption of a picture of a rat emoji. “If any man I gotta issue with approached me in a threatening way you will be attacked. Your team against mine if that’s the set up. Either way it’s suppose to be smoke. #RattsUp1 – Fact YOU GOT PULLED UP ON —— DONT GRAB THE CAMERA BALL YA FIST UP OR GRAB THE PEACE MAKER.”

He expanded in another post, this time a video where he addresses his followers directly: “All you suckas and cowards making excuses, fuck that,” he says. “The rat’s up one. Microphones is zero. Rappers is zero. Everybody see what happened. This is real shit. All you n****s, yo’ lyrics, the way you carry yourself, you pop that shit when the ball is in your court, but n***a when it’s go time, it’s go time.”

He continued, “N***a pulled up, spittin’ out his mouth, talking greasy. N***a that’s a disgrace to the city you from. If you worried about the police, stop addressing the n***a.”

6ix9ine continued to troll Mill later in the day.