The Game and his manager, Wack 100, have had serious issues with Tekashi 6ix9ine in the past. Their beef earlier this year was highly publicized as Tr3yway and Wack 100 traded shots in a battle of the managers. When Tekashi showed up for his court appearance in Texas earlier this week, many outlets were publishing stories about the fact. Hip Hop Overload was one of them, writing a headline that Wack 100 had clowned 6ix9ine for hiring security to defend himself from J Prince and his goons. While the story was partly factual, Wack 100 never mentioned J Prince's name or even the rapper's Houston location. He simply made a post on Instagram about his security and how 69 is "very safe now." Noticing the publication had butchered his quote, Wack 100 stepped in and called them out, correcting them and clarifying his comments.

Noting that by spreading fake news, the website is "trying to bring unnecessary violence to the culture," Wack cleared up what was said in the original post. Attacking Hip Hop Overload, he wrote, "YOU PUNK B-TCH MUTHAFUCKAS WILL BE THE REASON WHY INNOCENT PEOPLE GET HURT. IF YOUR GOING TO REPORT SOMETHING REPORT IT IN THE CORRECT MANNER." As he did not say anything about 6ix9ine being scared of anybody or mention the city he was in, he specified that he was not entirely apologizing to Tekashi but that he was sick of the media spewing nonsense out of his words.

In fact, he only made the "safe" comment since he sometimes uses the same security team for his family. This is the furthest thing from a truce but it looks like Wack 100 is starting to understand 6ix9ine's motives a little more.