Wack 100 doesn't think that Tekashi 6ix9ine is a snitch, per se. Instead, he believes that the Brooklyn rapper should have never been allowed into a position where he had so much information on the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods, referring to him as a "civilian" and saying that civilians don't snitch, "they tell the truth".

The remarks were made during Wack 100's latest interview with Bootleg Kev on his podcast. The outspoken man, best known for managing the careers of The Game and Blueface, spoke about his incoming Meek Mill diss track, telling the interviewer that he has "mixed feelings" about 6ix9ine and the fact that he's commonly referred to as a snitch.

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"I got mixed feelings on [6ix9ine]. He did what he did but on the same note, he should have never been in a position to do what he did," said Wack. "This thing we got in the streets it ain't for everybody. It's not a free-for-all, it ain't like Magic Mountain where you show up, buy a ticket, and get in. There's certain things you got to go through, certain things that have to be proven before somebody is allowed to come in. The fact that [the gang] allowed him to come in and him being inside of it is what gave him information. [...] He should have never had the information that he had when he got put under that light.  Everything ain't for everybody. And I really think he was in character the whole time. He was using the block for his street cred. Everything about the kid defies what he said he was."

Wack 100 goes on to say that he believes 6ix9ine has a "death wish" and that he should never have been in a spot to receive so much information.

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"They let the kid hear things that was going on behind his back," he said. "They put this kid in a situation he shouldn't have been in. What he did was, he just went back to who he really was. He took the costume off. So I got mixed emotions when we call this kid a snitch because I believe civilians don't snitch, they tell the truth. He did what he did and I believe, even right now today, he uses what he does as a marketing tool because he has no obligation to the politics of the streets. He has none. He don't care how it goes. He's just a little kid playing and doodling and it's allowed. They're allowing it to happen. I think he got a death wish. I think he wanna go out a martyr one day."

Akon previously said some similar things about 6ix9ine snitching, saying, "you can't really blame him". Read more about that here.

Do you think Wack 100 has a point? Should the gang be blamed for putting 6ix9ine in a situation to receive all sorts of behind-the-scenes information, or should Tekashi be blamed for telling?