James Shaw Jr. became a national hero after he disarmed a naked gunman in a Tennessee Waffle House on April 22nd. Travis Reinking walked into the restaurant, opened fire killing four and injuring two others before James attacked the man and he got away on foot. Twenty-two days after the incident, President Donald Trump called James to praises him for his bravery and James says the call was "lackluster."

"I know he's very busy with what's going on in the world, and like I said I did this with no recognition at all so I do thank him for calling me from his busy schedule," James said to TMZ. "[The call] was brief but it was straight to the point."

James recently donated $241,000 to the shooting victims and their families. On a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he said if he could have one thing come from all of this attention it would be for him to in turn shed light on the millions of Americans who suffer from mental health issues. During his visit, Ellen surprised him with his favourite basketball player, Dwayne Wade who gave James $20,000 to his cause.