Just weeks after suggesting that Donald Trump is a better president than Barack Obama, Waka Flocka returns with his take on America's 2020 presidential election. This election season has been a whirlwind as it's taken place in the midst of a pandemic, and while President Trump has been heavily criticized throughout his tenure in the White House, Waka took to Instagram to vocalize his disapproval of how the media has covered the 2020 election cycle.

"You gotta stick to your truth no matter how others feel," the rapper penned in one post. He followed it up with, "The way the media spinning this election is disgusting and disrespectful to the people... propaganda a motherf*cker but an eye opener on another level. So many walking zombies think they alive."

He added in the caption, "Please over-stand and not understand!!" Waka Flocka has never been shy about sharing his feelings and thoughts on current events, regardless of the way people may respond. Do you agree with Waka? Check out his posts below.