Though Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane emerged as a dominant partnership in hip-hop, their friendship ultimately soured over a variety of factors. It's always sad when homies turn on each other, and clearly, Waka has been feeling the same way. As a result, the Flockaveli rapper has decided to take a stand, and do his part to increase the peace. 

"I had a crazy-ass dream," says Waka, in an emotional message. "I don't want no more beef, arguments, smoke, anger, toward nobody bro. If we ever had problems, beef, anything, I'm telling you right now, it's over. I ain't talk to my best friend, my little brother, in almost a year...Just cause of the industry, it changed us. We were young n***s man, with dreams, and we really succeeded. But this game changed us. And we finna take this shit back."

He proceeds to address Gucci Mane directly. "Hey Gucci, let's chat, let's sit the fuck down, all that playin' over. You know how to get me, big dawg. You call me, nobody else." The video concludes, leaving fans of both parties cautiously optimistic. Gucci and Waka Flocka came up together, and at one point, made for a truly formidable duo. Despite a tumultuous history, it seems like now is the time for reconciliation. Gucci Mane has been a bastion of positivity lately, and it stands to reason that Waka's olive branch may be a pivotal first step in mending bridges long thought destroyed.