News broke out last week that Gabrielle Union lost her job at America's Got Talent after reporting Jay Leno for making a racist joke. Union's complaint did not lead to any sort of punishment against Leno, but rather, left her jobless. Most people have been outraged over the incident and Dwyane Wade shared his public support for her right after the news broke out.

Waka Flocka is also in support of Union for her decision to stand up against discrimination but he believes that people should be boycotting NBC for their actions. NBC allegedly made comments about Gabrielle Union's hair, physical appearance, and clothing choices on the show and Waka believes that she was in the right for not changing herself to appeal to the executives. "That's our people. That's who we are. They want you to change who you are, that's up to you to change. It's not up to you to complain. Don't change, keep it movin'. Expose it, keep it movin'," he said. "If you want change, you gotta bite bullets."

Waka went on to applaud her for her selflessness in order to stand up against discrimination. "It should be your job to stand for what you stand for," Waka said after he was asked if Union had a job to educate the ignorant. "People will let you know how they feel about you [through their] action[s]. And that action they took right there is obvious is fuck."

Peep the clip below via TMZ.