Waka Flocka Flame is really tired of hearing rappers talk about how hip hop is dangerous following the tragic murder of Pop Smoke and the circumstances surrounding his death. Since the news broke that the late rapper was killed during what was initially thought to be a home invasion robbery, fellow rappers have spoken out about the allegedly harmful culture that surrounds hip hop. Blueface issued a warning to aspiring rappers hoping to make it big in L.A., while Jim Jones compared the experiences of a rapper to the perils of a soldier. Amidst all of this emphasis on the dangers of the rap game following Pop's passing, Waka Flocka felt he needed to speak out against the messages these rappers and others have been sending about hip hop. He addressed these misconceptions in an Instagram post last week, and on Wednesday, he took a step further by sharing a video captioned, "PSf*ckingA," in which he reiterates his earlier point.

Waka Flocka Flame hip-hop rap dangerous Pop Smoke death RIP Blueface Jim JonesParas Griffin/Getty Images for BET

"I've got to say this real quick, I'll probably—and I'm gonna delete this sh*t," Waka begins, "but please stop saying rap is dangerous. Y'all n*ggas is falling into the trap. Cause if hip hop is dangerous, they gon' stop booking shows around each state, stop making hip hop popular. The f*ck are y'all doing, bro?"

"Hip hop ain't dangerous, bro," he continued. "This sh*t making more money outta any genre in the world. Hip hop is beautiful, bro. To be a gangbanging rapper is f*cking dangerous, to be a drug-dealing rapper is dangerous. Anything that's negative is dangerous, idiotics. F*ck is y'all talking about, bro? Stop saying hip hop is dangerous, it ain't dangerous. Y'all folks really about to cut y'all f*ckin' hustle out. Fool-ass n*ggas, man. Y'all need to stop saying that sh*t on God, bro." What do you think about Waka's words?