Following the death of Pop Smoke, many rappers have been left reflecting on the inherent dangers that tend to come with success. As young artists continue to meet violent ends, the "rap game" has begun to feel like an inherently dangerous place. Yet Waka Flocka doesn't agree with that assessment. No stranger to conflict and situational violence, Waka decided to offer some wisdom to artists seeking guidance in this tumultuous time. 

Waka Flocka Flame OG Wisdom

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"This rap game ain't dangerous," he begins, in an Instagram PSA. "Most n***as move with a criminal mindset because that's all we know / knew. From me to you change ya'lls perspectives and respect the laws of the land. But never forget the rules because you getting money with a lil fame...nobody feel sorry for the rich."

Though he didn't say it directly, the timing of Waka's counsel appears to be a response to Pop Smoke's murder. At this point, Waka is something of an OG in the game and there's a certain gravitas behind his words. Whether rising artists decide to actually take heed of his wisdom is another thing altogether. Yesterday, Casanova shared his own take, encouraging those who transition from the streets to the music industry to keep their entourage with them at all times.