Waka Flocka Recalls Being High For Three Days Straight On "How To Roll"

Aron A.
June 21, 2018 16:54

Waka Flocka joins us on the latest episode of "How To Roll."

Back in April, Waka Flocka announced the release date for his long-awaited album, Flockaveli 2. With the album eagerly waiting for the project to drop, he delivered Big Homie Flocka as a little something to hold us over until the album drops. Either way, it's nice to hear new music from Waka. We recently grabbed Waka Flocka for the latest episode of "How To Roll" where he talked his favorite munchies, conspiracy theories, edibles and more.

Waka Flocka loves his marijuana and doesn't hide it at all. On the latest episode of "How To Roll," the rapper shared a story about the highest he's ever been. Unlike most rappers, Waka Flocka enjoys edibles and one time, he consumed enough to leave him high for several days. 

"Highest I've ever been was definitely on edibles. I got so high, my boy, tears coming down my eyes. I'm like, 'what the fuck? Like why the fuck am I crying?'" He said. "I was like I gotta sleep this shit off. I got to sleep, I wake up higher. It got to the point where I look up to God, I'm like, 'please stop. Please let me come down.'... I was high for three days. I had some strong ass edibles. I kept eating them, the brownies and shit."

Waka Flocka also shares his enthusiasm for hummus, shares his favorite strains and more.

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