Earlier this week, we saw the release of two highly anticipated albums, LudacrisLudaversal & Wale’s The Album About Nothing. While it feels like Ludacris has been much more active in the promo game this week, that may not directly correlate to albums sales however. So who will sell more in the opening week?

According to HDD, Wale’s highly anticipated The Album About Nothing is project to move anywhere from 85k-90k units in the first week (90k-95k including streams). In comparison, his latest album, The Gifted, moved 151,871 units its first week, but keep in mind album sales are way down even from 2013.

Ludaversal on the other hand is projected to move only 55k-60k copies in its first week (that’s 60k-65k with streams too). 

If you haven’t copped yourself either albums yet, do yourself the favor and be sure pick up Ludaversal here, and #TAAN here. We’ll keep you posted once the official numbers roll in next week.