While Eminem may still be waiting for his response from Donald Trump, Jay-Z managed to get a rise out of the POTUS with utter ease. On Saturday, the Jigga Man referred to the President as a "superbug," and condemning Trump over his "hurtful" comments about "shithole countries." For more on that, check out the report here. Suffice it to say, Jay's comments struck a nerve with many right wing pundits, including the 21-Savage loving Tomi Lahren. Lahren fired off a tweet at Jigga's expense, writing "as opposed to you who raps about bitches and sisters and brags about selling crack. Yeah...Trump is the problem...sure."

Wale wasn't about to take Lahren's shit lightly, and immediately chimed in to take her down a few notches. "Tammy he isn’t the president . Also weren’t you just “rapping” 21 Savage???.. go and sit down my friend," wrote Wale. Lahren, clearly enjoying the back and forth, hit back with "Hey bud, good to hear from you again. Missed your Twitter presence. So anyway...no Jay-Z is not the president but he did campaign for Hillary pretty heavily. Ya know, the woman famous for her "super predator" agenda. Ironic, right?"

Wale followed that up by referencing Trump's notorious "grab them by the pussy" line, writing "And what if one of these rappers said “grab em by the [pussy cat emoji]? With YOUR name attached .. would u keep the same energy Tammy?" For the record, this isn't the first time Wale and Lahren have had a back and forth; one might even argue there's a little bit of chemistry developing there.