Sometimes, Wale's life feels a little like the plot of the movie Candyman. At least, certain elements certainly do. Our hero appears consistently plagued by behind-the-scenes forces determined to drive him to insanity. The malevolent forces are there, we simply can't see them. And yet they persist, until our doomed hero finds himself teetering on the edge of a frustration-induced madness. Sure, we'll get an album as a result, but at what cost? 

Last night, the imminent arrival of Wale's Wow...That's Crazy album was unveiled. Set to arrive on October 11th, with features from 6lack, Megan Thee Stallion, Boogie, Bryson Tiller & Ari Lennox, you'd think a new Wale album would be cause for celebration. Think again. The DMV rapper took to Twitter to lament the botched, well, everything. "This how they try to make me look crazy," he laments, inadvertently evoking his album's title. It should be noted that Wale is presumably issuing his rant at Warner Bros. Records, with whom he signed in 2018.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

"1. they fucked yo my lyrics AND lyric video 2. Released my album artwork with 20 min notice," he lists. "3. Released tracklist with out my knowledge 4. Submitted all the wrong photos for press I’ll tell y’all the rest in a few." He continues, explaining as follows: "The point is this . Somebody internally is trying to break me.. because I’m losing my cool and I’m tryna stay on the right side of things but enough is enough . This what they do and when u react they call u crazy or say it’s small stuff .. this is their game."

The elaboration continues, with Wale casting further blame on the ominous they. "They released my track list (which isn’t even accurate) n artwork n told me 20 min before I got on stage," he details. "And they told me I’m over reacting for bein mad...same ppl that want the credit for ANYTHING that goes right ... u hate to see it." Stil, it's not all bad, as Wale's situation has led to an outpouring of support and genuine fan love. Can our hero catch a much-deserved break? Find out, next time, on October 11th.