It's always welcome to see artists dole out flowers when the situation calls for it, and today, Wale made sure to hit Shady Records rapper Westside Boogie with some major praise. As today marks the two-year anniversary of his most recent album Everything's For Sale, hip-hop Twitter page Debating Hip-Hop highlighted the project as one worth revisiting. Evidently, the post caught the eye of Wale, who took a moment to share his own glowing review of the self-reflective and lyrically-dense Boogie release.

 Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"One of my favorite albums of all time," praises Wale, offering some massive props to the Compton emcee. "I was blown away by this joint." A surprising proclamation in a way, though not unwarranted in the slightest; though Boogie's Everything's For Sale flew under the radar in the mainstream eye, those who did spend time with the project found much to love, particularly in the writing department. There's something refreshingly relatable about Boogie's down-to-Earth lyricism, his world-weary cadence and dry sense of self-deprecating humor making him feel like a bonafide hip-hop everyman.

At this stage, it's unclear as to whether or not we'll see a new album from Westside Boogie in 2021, though all signs seem to affirm as much. After all, the Shady signee recently engaged in one of the best promotional campaigns we've seen in a minute, going full Stephen King's Misery on the game and releasing a new single in a brilliant stroke of marketing genius. Now that he's managed to escape captivity, perhaps Boogie will continue working on his follow-up to the Wale-approved Everything's For Sale and share a release date in the imminent future.