Wale is well aware that his name was trending on Twitter this weekend, but he's choosing to ignore it and take the opportunity to plug his music instead. On Friday, a meme began circulating that uses a clip from Family Guy showing four characters hands in a stack. These cartoon hands are meant to depict Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Travis Scott to seemingly declare that these are the top four rappers in the game right now. However, what appears to be a wooden hand, which has the name "Wale" on it, then attempts to enter the circle, but is rejected as Peter Griffin says, "No, no, no, not you."

The meme caused some controversy, as some agreed with these sentiments while others, namely Wale fans, became outraged. The meme caused Wale to start trending on Twitter on Saturday, and eventually, the rapper addressed the situation himself. "Seen my name trending," he tweeted, "but the way my anxiety set up I’m not clicking that joint." While he may have made the probably wise decision not to check why he was trending in the first place, he took advantage of the moment and encouraged Twitter users to bump his music and practice proper coronavirus preventative measures.

"But go stream 'wow that’s crazy.' And watch 'Sue me' video. Wash hands and have a good day." He even included a link to his album, Wow... That's Crazy, to save folks the trouble. Pretty smart move to use your trending power to rack up some streams.

Do you agree with the meme? Or does Wale deserve to be considered in the conversation?