Wale has been steadily putting out quality music, with his recent album Wow...That's Crazy serving as a welcome reminder of his capabilities. Now, it would appear he's readying another project, The Imperfect Storm, that seems to be inspired by the recent events going on in the United States. Wale took to his Twitter page to unveil the project's existence, and his good friend Kazeem Famuyide confirmed that it would be an EP arriving this Friday. 

Wale New EP

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Bearing no association with the 2000 George Clooney-led disaster blockbuster The Perfect Storm, Wale's newest body of work appears to be speaking on the current sociopolitical climate. At least, that's what the cover art heavily suggests, a firey sky overlooking burning wreckage and a solemn protest. Stylistically, it's difficult to predict where Wale is planning on going with this one, though it wouldn't be surprising to see him addressing topics of police brutality, racial inequality, and more.

Though many racially charged tragedies have occurred in a short time frame, artists have stepped up across the board, gathering their thoughts and expressing their grievances on wax. Look for Wale to do his part, and though nothing has been confirmed, he's never been on to remain silent on the sidelines. Look for The Perfect Storm to land tomorrow, and sound off -- are you planning on checking out Wale's latest?