Many rappers who were not name-dropped by Kendrick Lamar in his buzzing verse on "Control" have decided to record a response, while those rappers who were called out have yet to do so. This might be because those not named are more offended than those who were-- Wale feels this way, at least.

The MMG rapper said he'd feel offended if his name wasn't in the verse. "I’d been offended if my name wasn't in that shit, so shout out to TDE. Shout out to Kendrick," Wale said while talking to TMZ. "I’d felt a way if my name wasn’t in the verse." Nonetheless, he gives himself the title of the best rapper on the planet. "I still feel like I'm the best rapper on the planet," he added.

Watch the footage below. Would you like to hear a response from Wale?