Wale might be gearing up for retirement after his next album. The rapper hinted that his next album could be his last before listing off numerous reasons why his experience in the music industry has been unhealthy for him.

Wale responded to a tweet from DJ Clark Kent who asked where the DMV rapper was at. While Wale confirmed that he's working on a new album, he did seem okay with stepping out of the rap game following that. "He Wrapping up what hopefully will be the last Wale album . And finding someone who appreciates me then gettin out wit a lil bit of sanity," he replied.


Wale parted ways with Atlantic Records last year before announcing his joint partnership with MMG and Warner Bros. for the release of his sixth studio album, which as he suggested, could be his last. The rapper compared his career to a relationship. "Music be fun until it’s not fun. Who wanna be in an unhappy marriage," he wrote. "Achieving a level of Self preservation seems more appealing then arguing wit critics and being so passionate to “prove ppl wrong” you become your ONLY ally is not fun nor healthy. The definition of insanity is?"

Back in August, Wale hinted at retirement on Twitter when he said, "Let’s all celebrate my last few months as a recording artist." It seems like he's committed to getting out the rap game.