He recently shared his impressive EP The Imperfect Storm and has been celebrated as a leading voice in hip hop, but it seems that not all is well behind the scenes with Wale. The rapper is known to keep it real when it comes to how he feels about how things are operating not only in the culture, but with his career. Wale took to Twitter on Wednesday (June 24) to air out a few grievances about how his career has been navigated by those who are supposed to help him, beginning with his management.

Wale, Label
Daniel Boczarski / Stringer / Getty Images

"My managers do the bare minimum. Good morning," Wale wrote. Some replied "Joe was right" and Wale responded. "Yeah he was right but that’s only half of it .. I’m blackballed to death . But won’t go there," the rapper said, adding, "I’m either a below average artist or somethin fishy . But the information is out there ."

"Labels been lying about the support of black artist and music .. but u know I don’t know how to convey my thoughts with out certain ppl sayin I’m trippin... It’s complicated . Self Promotion . Free Lunch. Wow .. that’s crazy . The Imperfect Storm." Wale stated. "I had to beg my label to make 'Sue me' and 'BGM' let’s y’all about it. We had to beg them to let @kerbito do his thing with his vision .. it was no before it was yes ." His friends and fans chimed in to make sure he knew that his music was not only heard, but appreciated. Check out Wale's tweets below and let us know your thoughts on the rapper's catalog.