As tends to happen with Wale, he momentarily lost his cool during a phone call with Complex last week, and the phone call itself (which Complex recorded) ended up circulating the web. The reason for Wale's call was due to the fact that the MMG rapper had been neglected from Complex's year-end 50 Best Albums of 2013. Perhaps this was the final straw, as Wale's The Gifted had already been left off other publications' year-end lists as well.

Now that Wale has re-gained his composure, he had an interview with Hot 97's Morning Show to discuss the spazz out. Wale explains his position when it comes to Complex and why he felt some type of way. 

"To be honest, if he was in front of me at the time, I woulda went at him," Wale said, referring to the Complex blogger he was on the phone with at the time. "I'm not perfect man, nobody perfect. You don't know what you would do if you was in the position..You just came off a monumental Grammy snub, you just ain't been SPIN and all these other people, they ain't appreciating what you and your fans stand for, I take that personal. I work hard man, and I'm around a lot of these artists that they promoting and they don't care about the game as much as I do...The art form, I'm not in it for the money," Wale finished.

Wale had a lot to get off his chest concerning these types of snubs, which he seems to be a victim of quite often. "When you omitting me from these lists and these people spend they hard-earned money to come see me rock out-- it's just like sports, you wanna see your team win and be successful, you wanna have bragging rights for your [favorite] artist. I don't think it's fair for those people for them to keep omitting me especially when it's coming from a place that's not really fair," Wale said, going on to explain how he thinks that Complex actually does not like him-- apparently he's received phone calls from people that flat-out state it.

"A publication doesn't like me for whatever reason, so y'all about to omit my entire existence or what I've contributed to the game. That matters to me," Wale said in reference to Complex. "I think it is personal. I don't wanna shed too much light to that publication, but there's a lineage of things that I've seen in the past couple of years, like there have been red flags. I've talked to my publicist about it, she know."

The D.C. native went on to explain how he thinks his fall out with Kid Cudi may have played a part in the beef with Complex.

Peep the full interview below, where Wale goes on to talk about what happened with Cudi.