In response to growing online pressure, Walmart has announced that it will no longer keep Black beauty products in locked display cases. The policy, intended by the corporation to prevent shoplifting, was previously implemented in 4700 stores. “We have made the decision to discontinue placing multicultural hair care and beauty products in locked cases,” the company said Wednesday in an emailed statement and tweet.

Although the policy has been standard practice for a while, it recently became the focus of social media criticism from people noticing the double standard between Walmart’s approach to products intended for white shoppers and those marketed towards the black community. The backlash largely began after the issue was highlighted by CBS Denver reporter Tori Mason. However, criticism of Walmart is nothing new. The company also recently came under fire for its negligence towards the coronavirus and an insensitive Paul Walker tweet.

Walmart’s decision to unlock Black hair products comes amidst growing protests against racial injustice andGeorge Floyd’s death that several companies have released public statements and implemented policy changes to express solidarity with. In addition to repealing their ‘multicultural’ hair-care lockdown, Walmart Chief Executive Doug McMillon has announced that the company, in partnership with the Walmart Foundation, is pledging $100-million to create a racial equity center.