Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob is no dummy. Kevin Durant has been identified as a wantaway. Draymond Green is an exceptional leader, and a jack of all trades, but not entirely irreplaceable. Boogie Cousins, well he's just an expensive luxury for the organization, is he not? That leaves the Warriors owner with two untradeable bargaining chips: Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, otherwise known by their "Splash Brothers" moniker.

According to ESPN, Lacob wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, the happy owner has every intention of retaining their services for as long as humanly possible, even if it means, spending over the cap for the rest of time. "Obviously, my intention is to keep them as part of our organization forever," Lacob informed ESPN. "That's our goal. We'll see what happens."

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Obviously, if given the chance to retain Kevin Durant, he'd do it in a heartbeat. But say, he were to walk in free agency as the insiders have predicted, the Warriors would be in a better position to ward off interest in Klay Thompson. There are two determinants here: first off, the Warriors are the only team that can offer him a supermax contract worth close to $221 million over X-amount of years. Secondly, Klay Thompson has publicly that re-signing in Golden State is his primary interest. For the time being, let's all just enjoy this playoff basketball. In the Summer months, NBA content becomes a woeful exercise in number-crunching, so let's enjoy this playoff-run while it lasts.