The Golden State Warriors' championship parade is off and running in the city of Oakland, where more than 1 million fans are reportedly lined up along the parade route to celebrate the NBA champs. Today's celebration marks the third such event in the last four years, and the second consecutive parade, following victories against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

During last year's parade in the Bay Area, Draymond Green donned a shirt that read "QUICKIE" across the front, using the "Q" from the logo of Quicken Loans Arena. Naturally, Draymond brought out another special edition shirt following the 2018 four-game sweep - this time referencing the Arthur fist meme, complete with three championship rings.

It's been months since LeBron used that meme to describe his "mood" back in November, but Draymond wasn't going to waste an opportunity to get another jab in.

Scroll down to check out some of the highlights from today's parade in Oakland as the festivities roll on throughout the afternoon.