The Kardashian-Jenner family are known to throw extravagant holiday gatherings, which are displayed on social media for all the world to see. It's turkey season, so Kylie Jenner got the ball rolling a bit early by hosting a Friendsgiving dinner on Sunday night (Nov. 24). 

Kylie gave a recap of the meal on her Instagram stories. She made sure to include all the Thanksgiving essentials, like mac and cheese, candied yams, green and, of course, turkey. The makeup mogul also took great pride in her table setting, a photo of which she captioned "Table by Kylie", as if she put great effort into creative directing it. 

When Internet detectives took a closer look at the table's arrangement, they discovered something quite unexpected amidst all the fancy dinnerware. If you zoom in to the image, you would make out that one of the seating cards had Beyoncé's name written on it. Considering that Bey hasn't had an affiliation with Kylie in the past (or with anyone in the Kardashian clan for that matter), this puzzle leaves us scratching our heads. Do you think The Queen really graced Kylie's affair with her presence? Or do you think this was more likely some sort of joke among friends?