Drake is a Summer Walker stan. He loves her music so much that he hopped on a remix of "Girls Need Love" back in February when she was just starting to blow up. This collaboration came about after he slid in her DM's to compliment the song. He hit her up again when her debut album, Over It, dropped in October to share that "Fun Girl" was his favorite track on it. The two have apparently maintained a friendship because they hung out before her show in Toronto last night (Nov. 25). 

Before the show, Walker issued a warning to ticketholders. "Be ready for a vibe," she wrote in an Instagram post. "If y'all wanna see 2 splits, a back flip, an a Adele belt, & one Pusey pop this show is not for you. Lol just this is for wine sippers, blunt roller, & hand swayers." However, she failed to warn her Torontonian fans that her show would be starting later than scheduled. Aggravated attendees took to Twitter to complain that Walker only took the stage at 10:30 PM, which is pretty late for a Monday night. Even worse, people were forced to wait outside in the Canadian winter until 9:15 even though doors were supposed to open at 8. 

Understandably, the concertgoers wanted an explanation for the delay. It doesn't seem like Walker directly provided one during her performance, so people were left to speculate. Before the show started, the R&B songstress posted a highlight reel of her Toronto trip on Instagram that featured photos with Drake and her boyfriend, London On Da Track. Some of the top comments on the post show that fans were still waiting in the venue while Walker was chilling with Drizzy. "You’re suppose to be on stage," one wrote. "Sis wya!?!" wondered another. Walker is probably tired of defending herself so who knows if an explanation will be given for this situation.