After four weeks of NFL football, the Washington Redskins are one of six NFL teams without a single win. Their defense has been truly awful and their offense has been even worse if that's really even possible. The quarterback position has been a particular sore spot for the team as Case Keenum just hasn't been good enough in the starter role. Over the past week, there were reports that Dwayne Haskins could start for the Redskins this week but it looks like neither of the aforementioned players will be under center on Sunday.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Redskins have announced Colt McCoy as their starter. The announcement doesn't really spark much hope amongst the Washington fanbase as they get to play the New England Patriots on Sunday. Of course, the Patriots have the number one ranked defense in the league.

The Redskins season is pretty well over at this point so a loss to the Patriots really won't matter all that much. The Patriots' strength of schedule has been a bit of a joke and playing the Redskins immediately after the Bills is yet another example of that.

If McCoy somehow pulls off the win, maybe we'll have to start seriously thinking about putting him in the Hall of Fame.