Anderson .Paak made a triumphant appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The Malibu star took to the stage to deliver a performance for his new track, "Bubblin." The spectacle was literally full of oversized bubbles and accompanied by his backing band The Free Nationals, who transformed the trap-infused track into a symphony-inspired remix.

“I’mma need all the fries you can gimme,” .Paak says on the track, “All the hot sauce, all the pie you can gimme.” He sings over a beat originally produced by Jhalil Beats and Antman Wonder. He’s clearly enjoying himself in the performance, as he drops lines like “RIP the times I was broke...dead prezi’s in an envelope.”

.Paak makes a crowd dive which was a highlight of the performance. You could see that the security guards were worried about the singer, but he floated along unfazed. He may be bubbling in bags money now, but he’s still connected to his fans.

It has been a minute since he dropped Malibu and Yes Lawd!, with producer Knxwledge, as part of the super-indie group NxWorries. .Paak says he has more than "65,000 songs in the vault." If they sound anything like this, then he’s on his way to icon status.

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