2 days ago, we reported that hip hop executive and record producer, Benzino, had an unfortunate run-in with the law on Saturday in Atlanta. The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was parked in the middle of the street blocking lanes, when a passing cop ran his plates. There was a hit for a warrant because Benzino had allegedly received a traffic ticket for driving without insurance back in April, and never showed up to court. The officer on the scene told Benzino why he ran his plates, but the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars star kept insisting that racism was playing a part in his arrest. As a second police officer arrived on the scene, the two cops proceeded to take 'Zino into custody, at which point it was alleged that he had started shouting profanities.

Now, a video has surfaced on TMZ which shows the whole incident going down, from when the second, female cop arrived at the scene (who records the whole thing from her body cam). Things started getting explosive when Benzino demanded to know just why his plates were ran, with the officer explaining that they can legally run his tags for any reason. Benzino did not seem convinced though, and started getting worked up, saying, "I didn't know that I could just be harassed for any old reason." He also added, "would you all pull a white person over like that?" Things further escalate as the cops start to tell him that they found a warrant on his name after running his plate, and as they explain that said warrant is all over a prior traffic stop, his snarkiness evolves into pure rage. He progressively gets angrier and angrier as he's handcuffed, then taken into the back of the police car. As a woman approaches the cop car (we're unsure if her and Benzino knew each other prior to this), 'Zino seemingly gains even more rage, and proceeds to call the female cop a "bitch" repeatedly. He starts frantically yelling "let me out!," before proceeding to tell the cop "you fucked up bitch. Stupid bitch," and threatening to sue. As the video ends the car can be seen driving away as Benzino shouts "SUCK MY D*CK!!" at the top of his lungs.