Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star has been vandalized by a purp toting a veritable pick axe. TMZ flexed their bankroll and obtained footage of the act, all 56 seconds of Austin Clay's act of public service. The 24-year-old took it upon himself to strike his axe repeatedly until the red outline of the Star was virtually unrecognizable. Austin Clay's act of vandalism was captured by overhead surveillance technology guarding all the private property in the area, including a shiny Forever 21 storefront.

Austin Clay reportedly called himself into cops and surrendered before they could gain any ground over him. LAPD has condemned Clay's act as the greatest disfiguring of a Trump's Hollywood Star since James Otis went to work with the same instrument. The 2016 incident remained shrouded in mystery until Otis took credit for its destruction. He claimed to be extracting the precious stone in order to auction if off. With the recouped funds, Otis hoped to reimburse the women who'd come out against Trump in sexual abuse lawsuits.

For his part, Austin Clay has already agreed to pay the $4,000 penalty, after pleading no contest. If ever you were wondering what it took to be enshrined in the Hollywood Walk of Fame: all it takes is a modicum of fame and $30,000 in registration fees.