Drake is, without question, one of the world's most recognizable rappers. Whether he's living the good life at his pad in Toronto, Canada, or chilling on the West Coast and taking in some cool beach vibes, you'd imagine that he gets recognized and/or stopped basically everywhere he goes. However, according to a new video that has been making the rounds on social media, Drizzy manages to go undetected in airports, even if he's driving his own luggage through a crowd of unsuspecting travelers.

Clad in a grey sweatsuit and grinning from ear to ear, Drake proceeded to ride on a motorized piece of luggage through an airport recently, weaving his way in between passerby who were unaware how close they stood to greatness, if only for a second. Filmed by a member of the rapper's crew, there's even an OVO owl logo visible on the bottom left-hand corner of the contraption that Drake used to get from one point to another. This begs the question: how long did it take anyone who was paying attention to register that one of the world's most popular musical entities just went by them on a valise that you can drive? Check out the clip below.

The question now is whether or not people will stop Drake more often now, especially as he's trying to cruise through an airport undetected. More than that, will those motorized luggage pieces be around for much longer either? It seems to be a prime conduit for anyone who'd like to re-create the Fast & Furious spin-off using a non-car in a space where you would never, ever film anything related to that movie franchise. All that said, Drake traveled in style and we applaud him for that.

Recent headlines haven't been all rosy for the Canadian rapper, a man who is supposedly feuding with The Weeknd because of his rumored romance with Bella Hadid. Drake and Hadid have been seen together multiple times and the speculation is that they've actually been dating for months, but seeing as she's The Weeknd's ex (they split up in 2016), apparently some "bro code" was violated along the way.