The weirdness that is Eric Andre’s TV show isn’t usually associated with romantic feelings, but the comedian has found a way to worm into the conversation in the best way possible. Partnering with Adult Swim, Eric Andre is launching a new show called Eric Andre Interviews The Hot Babes Of Instagram.

The premise is simple, but nothing with Eric Andre ever goes according to plan (except his plan). He interviews a different Instagram model for each day this week, Monday through Friday. The first episode is already up, and features #1 Instagram model Lindsey Pelas, who has 5.7 million followers as of this article’s publishing.

The episode is as weird as you can imagine, but Pelas generally handles things well all things considered. Rappers who have appeared on his regular show generally have worse reactions to his awkward and often gross antics.

Upcoming episodes will feature Ana Montana (Tuesday), Carissa Rosario (Wednesday), Jennifer Lee (Thursday) and Deborah Lee (Friday). Which one are you most excited for?