Last night the NBA All-Star reserves were announced and as always the discussion quickly shifted from "Who got in" to "Who was snubbed?"

In the Eastern Conference, Joel Embiid was quick to point out that the "popular vote" didn't matter.

Over at "Area 21" Kevin Garnett noted that he'd like to see more bigs like Embiid and Andre Drummond getting love in the All-Star voting. Rasheed Wallace, with the use of the infamous "Cuss Button," voiced a similar displeasure in the voting system when talking about DeMarcus Cousins.

Of course, Boogie was named to the Western Conference squad but Sheed felt he should've been a starter. The same can't be said for Damian Lillard who was left off the roster altogether. The problem is, who would you cut from the roster in order to make room for Dame?

Take a look at what KG and Sheed had to say about the 2017 NBA All-Star snubs below.