Last week, Black Thought unleashed ten minutes of straight lyricism on Funkmaster Flex, giving us a stark reminder of how powerful a freestyle can be. Granted, The Roots frontman is widely considered a top tier lyricist, with many rappers going so far as to cite him as the best. And while Black Thought is a stalwart member of hip-hop's old guard, that doesn't mean the young guns can't come through with a lengthy freestyle of their own. Today, Florida's Kodak Black has released a twelve minute freestyle video, which finds the young rapper spitting bars in the wild. 

What proceeds to unfold throughout the twelve minute run-time is a roller-coaster of sorts, as Kodak spits exclusively off the dome, struggling at times and catching fire on occasion. Lyrically, it's not even close to the aforementioned Black Thought extravaganza, but you've got to respect Kodak's adherence to going off the top. However, one might remember the controversial proclamation he made last week, in which he took a few shots at the legendary Jay-Z, implying his lyrics were as good or better than Hov's. Considering the fact that Jay-Z is known for recording music without ever writing a line, you'd think Kodak would have come through with even more heat. 

Check out the video below, which will surely endear his fans and lend fuel to his haters. No matter where you stand, however, there's something undeniably raw about the session, which makes it an enjoyable and genuine watch. Were you feeling this one, or should Kodak stick to the booth?