Logic won some karmic points for his ability to make lemonade out of bad situation. Last night, Logic was the headliner at the Movin' On Festival at Penn State. Unforeseen thunderstorms led to organizers pulling the plug on evening's performances. Many of the fans in attendance made the pilgrimage just to see Logic in the headline spot. Sensing the gravitas of the situation, Logic did what he could, finding a new locale. The venue he chose was local spot frequented by Penn State students called Champs Downtown, where other festivities were planned.

Local websites kept the student body apprised until it was 100% confirmed. Logic performed several of his more popular records for the hundreds in attendance. Then out of nowhere, his DJ pulls up a break we haven't heard. During the opening measures, Logic shouts out his producer 6ix and goes about his verse. 

"6ix made the beat, 6ix bring the heat
You know how it be"

The hook on the record : "Bitch, I am the one, like Keanu Reeves. Get it done, yeah, gotta get it done," toys with the idea of playing the role of an anti hero. Keanu Reeves is almost the working definition of the archetype. Earlier, proclaimed that a few more albums were in the bag. "Keanu Reaves" is likely a big part of those plans.