Logic has recently revamped his Youtube channel and released the first episode of his new vlog entitled BobbysWorld. The webisodes are what the rapper calls a direct communication with his fans, without the involvement of any middlemen. In his first episode, he takes viewers through his day and at the offices of his label. "I just decided I want to do something for my fans directly, you know? I just love interacting with y'all and showing y'all that I have going on. And the true die-hard fans that really care. Man, yeah. I thought I'd revamp the channel with all the new great things that are going on. New movies, new music, new books. And just kind of keep you guys updated on my day-to-day life." Logic then proceeds to take us through "what he does." Indeed, we follow him from the moment he wakes up and throughout the day. You can check out the episode below. 

Aside from his vlogging debut, the latest news surrounding Logic includes the announcement of his new label, BobbyBoy Records. The rapper launched the venture as part of a bigger empire he is building. Along with being an author, movie star, television producer and more--we can only look forward to seeing what Logic has in store next.