There's been plenty of buzz surrounding Nas's imminent release of a music video, due to the fact he'd sworn off visual content for about two years now. Over the weekend we reported that an "Adam and Eve" music video was in the works, slated to drop this afternoon, and in hindsight we weren't misled, technically speaking. The visual content Nas ended up dropping, not only accounts for "Adam and Eve," but an entire medley of songs from his Kanye-produced NASIR album. The final product hit the decks this morning on Mass Appeal's YouTube channel.

Up until a few minutes ago, the visual-medley was being premiered for the first time. The live-stream has since been converted to its archival resting position. Nas' team is presenting the 16-minute film as visual accompaniment for his 11th album. Incidentally, the short film touches on the same social issues present in his lyrics.

At the very least, the NASIR film directed Rohan Blair-Mangat is a nice keepsake for a socially-conscious rapper beset with his own personal tragedies -- troubles that are often a cause for derailment, much to our chagrin.

Check out NASIR and hit us with your thoughts. Does a visual element add any credence to the storyline?