Back in 2014, at the start of his 20th anniversary celebration for his classic debut album Illmatic, Nas collaborated with the National Symphony Orchestra for a legendary performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and now nearly 4 years later we’re finally able to see that performance for ourselves thanks to its airing on PBS Friday night.

"This was the first time me as a classical orchestra conductor was going to branch out into the realm of doing hip-hop music and rap music. And the idea of finally tackling this genre was something I was really looking forward to do," National Symphony Orchestra Principal Pops Conductor Steven Reineke said in a statement.

The concert film, which also acts like a documentary, follows Nas' Queensbridge upbringing and career, the impact of Illmatic as well as the rehearsals and preparations to bring the album to the Kennedy Center stage.

"It’s crazy, you know, I wrote this in the projects in New York City. Here we are in the capital of America, Washington, DC, and, you know, a bunch of white people with strings and all that, playing this album, and they feeling it," Nas said of the collaboration in the trailer.

Directed by Jason Goldwatch, check out the near hour-long performance & special (below). If the video stops working, go to PBS' website right here to catch it.