Last month, Nickelodeon dropped the official trailer to its reboot of classic series Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Much like the original, the series will tell the stories of the Midnight Society, the Carnival of Doom, and Mr. Top Hat, however, it will feature an all new cast. This cast is set to include Sam Ashe Arnold, Miya Cech, Tamara Smart, Jeremy Taylor, Lyliana Wray, Rafael Casal, and more. You may recognize these actors and actresses as they have all been part of recent popular series and movies such as Black-ish, Artemis Fowl, and It. As such, we also mentioned the release fo the series first episode on October 11th and the time has come. You may watch the first episode below.

According to HYEPBEAST, the first episode tells the story of a young girl experiencing terrifying and reoccurring nightmares. The latter creates a strange behaviour in the girl which does not fare well with the classmates and leaves her friendless. The plots thicken as the main character acquires an invitation to a group called the Mightnight Society. The group gathers at night to tell each other horror stories by a campfire. At first, the girl is thrilled about the opportunity of making new friends, but things quickly take a dark turn when the fictional campfire tales become real.