The impressive feat of strength was captured by Odell Beckham Jr's fellow gym rats. The video clearly demonstrates a single rep on the apparatus. Three successive plates are mounted on each side, and a shirtless man stand behind him recused of making sure the bar doesn't fall on his head. The only thing raising questions of legitimacy is the amount of pull the shirtless spotter has on Odell's rep. The spotter does a full extension of his own, while Odell pushes upward with all his might. See the video for yourself.

Even with a wee bit of assistance, the 315 pound rep puts a lot in perspective. As a 21 year old, Odell entered the NFL Scouting Combine boasting great instincts for the game, while also lacking the muscular composition required of his position. Like anyone cut from the same cloth, Odell used the setback as motivation to reach new personal highs.

The combine tests endurance, speed and strength, the latter receiving a failing grade going into his rookie campaign. In 2014, he was only able to muster 7 reps at 225 pounds (including the bar). Fast forward to today, and he's pushing well over his "walk around weight." To give you a fair idea of how far he's come, the two recruits at the Wide Receiver position both fared 15 reps each at this year's NFL Scouting Combine. Odell wasn't born this way, but he sure made up for it.