Sci-fi and video games fans are sure to get excited about the release of the upcoming movie, DOOM: Annihilation. The film was slated by Universal who produced the movie and supported its transition into the big-screen after noticing much success was acquired by the video game franchise. And now, the official teaser for the forthcoming science fiction thriller DOOM: Annihilation is finally here. According to HYPEBEAST, the underlying story follows the journey of scientists who discovered an entryway into Mars. The ancient portal is believed to allow for teleportation throughout dimensions and universes. Although the portal proves to be one of the greatest human discoveries there is at first---of course, there is a downside. Things quickly take a dark turn when the same scientists find out that the ancient portal also leads to hell. As such, armed forces officer Joan Dark and a group of precisely trained Marines take on a fight against a slew of bloodthirsty demons who seem determined to take over the earth. 

Despite the teaser only being 30 seconds, it does reveal a chunk of information as to what we may expect from the new thriller. Evidently, fans of the video game may expect an action-packed film with extraterrestrial species, epic fight scenes and more. The movie is set to hit the big screens on October 1st.