Netflix and Marvel have building their own miniature version of The Avengers ever since Daredevil first released in 2015. Now three more shows and a short teaser later, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are linking up to fight evil in New York City. Check out the first trailer below.

We get all sorts of superhero meeting goodness in the two minute trailer, from Matt Murdock meeting Jessica Jones as her lawyer to Iron Fist trying to punch Luke Cage. There's plenty of pithy shit-talking between the heroes as well. The narrator promises a “war for New York,” and the person to bring that war is Sigourney Weaver’s arch villain Alexandria. If you watch closely you'll also see a well-known Marvel villain enter the fray – Elektra.

We’ll have to wait for the premiere on August 18 to find out what else Alexandria's got up her sleeve, but based on the first trailer we’re sufficiently hyped.