The wait is nearly over. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum just issued its 2nd official trailer leading up to a May 17 release. As promised in previous iterations, Halle Berry's new character finds her place within the new trailer. If it isn't already abundantly clear, Berry will be portraying a co-conspiring assassin who comes to John Wick's aide. Of course, no one in who frequents The Continental enters without their own goals in mind, somewhere in-between the crevices.

Anticipation is certainly building over the project, especially after Keanu Reaves revealed the massive offer he turned down to make it happen. In a perfect world, Keanu would be jumping between the tailored suits of his "John Wick" persona and the role of an alien-mentor in the Captain Marvel film - but alas, conflicting schedules put those thoughts to rest immediately. 

It seems as though the extensive martial arts training Keanu Reaves undertook before debuting as "Neo" in The Matrix series, has made him a valuable "get" in Hollywood. But Keanu's heart lies within this pet project; Lionsgate painting him delicately in a portrait with his pup (see above).

With the promo posters mounted up, and a second trailer uploaded to YouTube, John Wick Chapter 3 can rest easy knowing the brunt of the work is finished. Will you be lining up to watch Parabellum when it drops in theaters?