Diplo is objectively a divisive character in the music scene. Still, he offers content of interest consistently. Today, he makes one of interest to those who appreciate the Hip Hop scene, or more specifically, the current mainstream landscape of the genre. The producer posted a short documentary that features some of this generation's most popular rap stars, Tyler, The Creator and Post Malone, amongst a few names such as DRAM. The 8-minute production is called Florida to California. The video is available in its entirety below.

The documentary is pushed forward through a recording of Diplo's voice. A personal edge is added to the video through his narration that focuses mainly on Diplo's journey in the music industry. He also speaks on the versatility of Hip Hop, sharing his fondness of how its artists are always pushing bounds. He continues to describe how the genre has influenced his process as a producer, from the very early stages of his developing his craft: "My love of Hip Hop was to create something out of nothing." The use of samples became indispensable to Diplo's early productions. He only later started recording live instruments and vocals when he got deeper into the game after his arrival in LA. The culture is boundless.