Irish pride is one for all, unless you're Scottish, in that case you don't participate at all. Will Smith marked St Patrick's day by getting into his once a year green and plaid outfit. Never camera shy, Will Smith recorded himself rapping in what appeared to be a slightly intoxicated state, his eyes a little droopy, his back in a relaxed pose. Behind him, St Patrick's Day decorations and balloons adorned the undisclosed setting. Fittingly his raps describe a state of "feeling rattled--life in pieces, like Seattle, nights are sleepless." The caption also reads: "DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! Happy St. Patrick’s Day."

Will Smith goofing off in his adult life is something we all anticipated. This is why they opened up their marriage and let the kids run amok in their home. But in all seriousness, if you aren't in a sordid state after drinking all weekend, you better be at work like myself. Jada has mentioned on numerous occasions how Will Smith's tomfoolery on social media is exactly what she gets behind the scenes. All laughs aside, this could be a sign that Will is ready to drop new music, so take it however you want.

He's likely just feeling his oats, right?