HBO has a good reputation for handling their properties. That's why when DC Comics fans heard the news that a live-action series of Watchmen was coming to the cable channel, ears perked up. Of course, DC is known for their more dark and brooding films, and what better place to brood than HBO? Game of Thrones is almost fifty percent dark and brooding, and HBO pulls it off immaculately. 

A new Instagram page for the live-action show appeared out of nowhere this past weekend, and the first picture posted is mysterious. The moving picture shows a soldier wearing a yellow bandana. It is unclear who the character is, since he doesn't resemble anyone from the original 12-issue mini-series. The same mini-series inspired the Watchmen movie, which split critics and comic book fans. 

Watchmen exists in a DC universe separate from Batman or Superman. The story takes place in a world that accepted superheroes, but then rejected them in fear of their power. The mini-series follows the life of a band of heroes operating in a world that disdains them, but needs their help. HBO's Watchmen stars Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Andrew Howard, and Tom Mison.