Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky gave an emotional eulogy, Saturday, for his father, Walter, who died Thursday at age 82. Walter played a pivotal role in his son's success and is known as Canada's hockey dad.

"But he had a love for life and he didn't want to leave," Wayne said Saturday. "We were 21 days sitting with him and just enjoying life. We got a chance and opportunity to tell stories."

Walter Gretzky, Wayne
Minas Panagiotakis / Getty Images

Walter battled Parkinson's disease, a serious hip injury, and other health issues in his life.

"He was a remarkable man who loved life, loved family," he continued. "We'd be a way better world if there was so many more people like my dad. Very special. We're all hurting."

"A tough time," said Gretzky, as he broke into tears. "I'm so proud of the fact that so many people have reached out and given him such great tributes, because he deserves it. He has the heart of gold."

The funeral service was limited to just friends and family due to COVID-19 health and safety restrictions. Hundreds of fans gathered outside St. Mark's Anglican Church, outside of Toronto and waited for the service to finish to pay respects.