English soccer legend Wayne Rooney returned to Goodison Park a year and a half ago, to play for his academy side Everton. the fateful reunion of prodigal son and the team that formed him was part of an ambitious influx of capital into the team. For years, Everton has occupied a mid-table position in the English pecking order. Club financiers were hoping that would change but alas it has not. The club is sitting in a customary position of 8th in the league standings. For that reason, and perhaps a few others, Wayne Rooney has decided to explore his options ahead of a third year option he has written into his contract.

According to the BBC, Rooney's have flown to the U.S. to negotiate a price of entry with the American clubs. MLS is one of the rare examples of a sporting league that handles incoming and outgoing transfers through a centralized committee. The players are then allocated to clubs with the allowed cap space and purchase. Of all the teams at his disposal, Rooney has chosen D.C. United as his likely destination in a deal that would cost the MLS in the region of £12 million. The only thing preventing the deal from being finalized is the player own indecision. He is apparently still weighing his third year option with Everton in the EPL. Should renege on their agreement, Wayne Rooney would instantaneously become a marquee name in the North American game, like David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic before him.