Parenting is undoubtedly a difficult job and it gets even harder in their teenage years. Webbie recently took to the Internet to put both of his teenage sons on blast as well as their friend after he caught them in bed with a girl.

Webbie is definitely not here for his teenage sons to be having sex in his house and he had to put them on blast after he caught them in bed with a girl. The rapper went in on both of his kids and their friends on social media. The rapper explained that he got home and went upstairs to find his two sons and their friend in bed with a girl. Webbie took his phone and made sure to catch all the kids faces on his Instagram Live feed while letting the kids know that they definitely "fucked up." 

At one point, his kids' friend tries to make his way out. "Don't get to running. Don't run out this motherfucker!" He yelled.

Webbie continued to press the girl and his kids' friend to give him their parents' phone numbers. 

Towards the end of the video, Webbie puts the girl on blast for being in bed with the three boys. 

"And one little girl in the bed. Girl, that's crazier than a motherfucker. You better stop." He said.

Peep the clip below via TMZ.